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(Request) Mlp Night Time Hugs :iconsilenceshadowwolf:SilenceShadowWolf 3 2 (Request) Mlp Cute Little Shiftie :iconsilenceshadowwolf:SilenceShadowWolf 6 2 (Request) Mlp For you :iconsilenceshadowwolf:SilenceShadowWolf 3 3
Stuck With H2O and Vanoss- Chapter 2.What The Hell
      I groaned, hearing the sound of a alarm clock going off but it didn’t sound like my phone. I opened my chocolate brown eyes looking at a digital alarm clock.  I sat up slowly, turned off the alarm and looked around the room. I wasn’t in my hotel room anymore. I was in a large king size bed with a nightstand where the alarm clock sat. I kept examine the unfamiliar room when my eyes fell upon a body mirror next to a sliding door beside it. Looking at my reflection, I noticed something. My clothes was different from yesterday. I was wearing a black shirt with black pants. Over my black shirt was a red jacket with two white stripes near my shoulder parts. I looked down making sure I wasn't imagining anything.
    I hold my head in disbelief. I was dressed like my GTA V character. I looked around the room, hoping to find my phone or something useful then I heard a groan from the side of the bed. Curiously I crawled towards the side and peeked
:iconsilenceshadowwolf:SilenceShadowWolf 2 3
Stuck With H2O and Vanoss- Chapter 1.The Beginning
     I leaned against the door, staring outside the car door window. Buildings, street signs, and cars flew by quickly. Me and my best friend, Madison was driving to the PAX. I didn't really want to go but Maddy wasn’t going to take no as an answer. I look over to Madison, her smile was bright like the morning sun. She looked like an excited child opening presents on a Christmas day. I chuckle all the while I was shaking my head. Me and Madison are the total opposites of each other, she was an attractive young woman with short blonde hair and sky blue eyes unlike me, I was a native brunette with brown eyes to match. And I wasn't a social bee like Madison was. she was an talking Pomeranian compared to the quiet mouse I was. But there are some things we have in common, like we're both are all-time gamers and we both had crushes on youtube celebrities.
    I sat up straight, seeing that we were nearly to the PAX parking lot. Madison pulls up into a empty spo
:iconsilenceshadowwolf:SilenceShadowWolf 3 2
(Request) Mlp Hey Babe :iconsilenceshadowwolf:SilenceShadowWolf 5 5 Mlp Oc: BassFire :iconsilenceshadowwolf:SilenceShadowWolf 1 0 Mlp: Makeover! :iconsilenceshadowwolf:SilenceShadowWolf 17 8 Mlp Rarity :iconsilenceshadowwolf:SilenceShadowWolf 16 4 Mlp Oc: Desert Blossom :iconsilenceshadowwolf:SilenceShadowWolf 12 4 TMNT: Valentine's Gift :iconsilenceshadowwolf:SilenceShadowWolf 7 10 VanossGaming :iconsilenceshadowwolf:SilenceShadowWolf 11 3 Draw Your Oc :iconsilenceshadowwolf:SilenceShadowWolf 5 1 Contest Entry: For Me?! :iconsilenceshadowwolf:SilenceShadowWolf 4 6 TMNT Oc: Justin Woods :iconsilenceshadowwolf:SilenceShadowWolf 1 0 Light and Darkness :iconsilenceshadowwolf:SilenceShadowWolf 1 3

Random Favourites

Bike Rides RaphXReader
     Walking into they lair you accepted the rib crushing hug from Mikey as he all but glomped you the moment he saw you. “It’s good to see you to Mikey.” you chuckled hugging him back.
     “Hey (name) how have you been i haven’t seen you in, like, for ever~.” He asked after letting you out of his death hug.
     Shrugging you walked with him to the living room, “Not much really. School and what not taking my soul from me one day at a time. Homework. Trying not to get mugged.” You listed seeing him nod his head.
     He understood the problems you went through. The Purple Dragons all knew about you and so did The Foot so it was hard for you to go out on your own and not be on edge. Especially sense they started working together. “Um…I think Leo is meditating with Splinter…Donnies working on something science like and Raphs working on his bike.” he said kn
:iconroseandarkholm:RoseAnDarkholm 170 18
That Look MikeyXReader
     You wouldn’t have ever thought this would be happening. If someone three years ago had told you you would have a crush on who you did you’d laugh in their face. Yet here you were sitting on the couch in the lair of your best friends, and crush, watching TV with the youngest brother. He had picked some cartoon but you didn’t mind you liked the show as well, besides you weren’t about to tell him no. Sure he would understand but he always used his secret weapon on you and it just made you melt. Scary part was he knew that. He knew what that look was able to do to you and he wasn’t afraid to use it.
     Puppy dog eyes.
     Yes the one weakness you had with the little turtle was the one he used most often. It was like he liked how you reacted though it was probably more over you giving him what he wanted. Though you didn’t mind. He was even cuter when he was happy. Hearing him begin to freak out out abou
:iconroseandarkholm:RoseAnDarkholm 52 4
TMNT Mikey x Reader One Shot Loser By Choice
"Okay!" Ralph yelled, "Everyone ready?"
"What are we even doing?" Leo asks for the second time this minute.
"We told you!" you complained, "It's kind of a multi battle. Everyone fights everyone until there's a winner and a loser."
"That sounds too much like Ralph's kind of idea" Donnie rolled his eyes.
"Well, it is." you said.
"But he said there was a cool prize, so why not?" Mikey shrugged his shoulders.
His eyes fell on you. It was out of the blue of him to do that.  Without thinking, you turned your face away.
"Did I say that? Well... What i meant was... that there is a really lame chore for the loser." he smiled with guilt.
"What is that?" Leo crossed his arms.
"Cooking dinner with Mikey."
"EWWWWW!" the other two brothers exclaimed.
"Oh come on, dudes! Its not that bad to prepare a meal with meh!" Mikey frowned.
"Yes it is!" Donnie stated shouting.
"Do you remember the smell of the kitchen after your attempt to make gummy worm ramen?"
"Or what did the hot sauce smores pizza lo
:iconcatpatronus:catpatronus 97 12
Donnie x Reader Our Future Together? TMNT
It was your one year anniversary! You and Donatello actually have been together for 12 whole months.
Your excitement was too much to handle the morning you woke up, so the plan was to skip school and spend the whole day with him.
As you were getting ready, you looked at the reflection of yours in the mirror.
"Am I really skipping school because of a relationship?" you asked yourself raising an eyebrow.
The thought of Donatello's face invaded your mind. His smiles and ninja moves, the way he always looked at you, the days you spend cuddling in bed.
"Sure I am."
"Congrats man!" were Mikey's first words to Donnie this morning.
"Thanks." he blushed.
"What's up?" Ralph asked while stuffing his mouth with a pancake.
"It is Donnie's and ___'s one year together! How awesome is that?"
"Oh, wow, has it really been that long?" Leo widened his eyes.
"Seems so." the purple clad turtle replied proudly.
They all sat at the table.
"Sensei, you coming? We're eating!"
"He's meditating Mikey."
"Oh. SEN
:iconcatpatronus:catpatronus 110 18
TMNT Leo x Reader Stupid Things
It was just another cloudless starry night in New York.  You were having dinner with the four turtles, April and Master Splinter.
"Donatello, please serve the food." Splinter demanded as he joined everyone .
"Hai sensei." answered the purple masked  turtle and put the two large pizza boxes on the table.
You all ate while talking about the mission to save Karai. Well, the others were talking about it. You weren't very fond of Karai. Maybe because people like April were the type of people you tended to like or because of your major crush on Leo.
The leader was very nervous tonight. He would go in detail about the rescue plan or look at anyone but you.
How more obvious can it be that he still  likes her? you thought sighing.
"Sensei, may I go?" you asked out of the blue.
Everyone looked at you. Leo put his slice down.
"Yes... and no."
"You may leave the table. But until the mission is complete it wiser you stay with us in the sewers."
"Fine." you replied quickly a
:iconcatpatronus:catpatronus 87 9
TMNT Leo X Reader The Dance
 (f/I/C) = favorite ice cream flavor
Ps. Go look up I'm gonna love you by Jennifer Love Hewitt,
          You  kicked off your platform pumps and slumped on the couch in your silky baby blue dress. The Dance was tonight, and the Captain of the Football team had asked you...(you really didn't like him that much but you couldn't help but feel happy about it)..But it turns out he was just another jerk...You waited two hours for him to pick you up...but he never showed up, and your friends were already at the dance having a great time... 
     Your good friends April and Casey gave you the 411 on your date....April texted you a picture of him, he was already at the dance...but with another girl...And being the over protective Big Brother figure Casey is, He beat that jerk down for you...and April caught it all on made you feel a little bit better but, you still felt like crying....Why would a tot
:icontheartisticgoddess:TheArtisticGoddess 118 14
DonniexReader I hope you will fall for me Epilogue
*6 months later*
“(Y/N), do you really need my help with your homework or is this just another excuse to hang out together?” Donnie asked. You laughed. “I need help this time.” You replied. You pulled out your textbook and sheets of paper. Donnie skimmed the text and jotted down a couple of notes for you. He explained the work as you wrote down what he was explaining and your first answer. You continued to the next problems. It was becoming easier as you continued.
When you got through half of the problems, you glanced over at Donnie, who was leaning against his arm as he was gazing at you. You tried not to smile. “What are you looking at?” You asked nonchalantly. “Just admiring you.” He replied. You blushed and turned back to your work, trying to focus. Before you could write down the next answer, you slightly jumped when you felt Donnie nuzzle your neck. Your pencil fell out of your hand as you leaned back into your chair.
Donnie began
:iconbutterly-koi:Butterly-Koi 101 19
DonniexReader I hope you will fall for me Ending
It was black, the sick feeling was still there but dulled. It was as if you weren't unconscious, but in a deep, foggy daze. You didn't know if it was better to stay there or to try to wake up. You heard a whisper, but didn't make it out. You heard it again but louder and it was calling your name. The third call snapped you awake.
Everything came into vision as you heard your name being said in a concerned voice. You made eye contact with Donnie who was kneeling beside you; his hand supporting your head and other hand wrapped around your back as he held you up in a sitting position. "Are you okay, what are you doing out here?" He asked as he rose up and helped you to your feet. The feelings of heartache came flooding back.
"I-I just came out for some fresh air." You answered voice trembling. "I can tell you've been crying." He said softly. "What's wrong?" He asked placing his hand on your cheek. Even though he has done this a few times tonight, your heat still rushes to your face. "Noth
:iconbutterly-koi:Butterly-Koi 120 31
DonniexReader I hope you will fall for me Chap 8
Tonight was the masquerade, April was super excited, Donnie was looking forward to it, but you were very nervous.
"Guys the masquerade starts at 9:30 pm, it's already 8:30, get ready!" April said. "I'm already getting ready!" Donnie replied. "(Y/N), we are going to get ready in your room." April said.
April helped you style your hair and you helped her with her hair. She slipped on her dress and her heels. You slipped on your outfit and your own dress shoes. "Do you want a little makeup?" April asked. "I'm just using some mascara and eyeliner." She also said. Whether you accepted or declined the makeup, your anxiety grew as she looked exactly as you dreamed. Her blue eyes seemed to pop and sparkle with the eye makeup she was applying. It reminded you of what Donnie once said long ago about April's eyes, "Her eyes are like a vast deep ocean, an ocean where I could be swallowed in and drown within the waves." You forced the thought out of your head and continued to get ready.
A few minut
:iconbutterly-koi:Butterly-Koi 79 5
DonniexReader I hope you will fall for me Chap 7
You woke up with a soft groan. Your eyes and head felt sore. You looked at the clock telling you that it's time to get up. You slowly got up and shuffled to the bathroom. In the mirror, your eyes were lightly red with purple circling them signaling your fatigue. You washed your face and brushed your hair slower than usual and also stretched your arms and legs to get blood flowing. You changed into your daytime outfit and went to the kitchen.
The guys were finishing up breakfast and April was with them as you realized that she must have spent the night here. "Morning sleep-head!" Mikey called out. "Morning." You replied going to the fridge. "Yeesh, you looked wiped." Raph pointed out. "I didn't sleep well last night." You said feigning a yawn. "We all have one of those nights." Leo said. You felt in the mood for some cereal and made yourself a bowl and sat with the guys.
As you ate you noticed April's hair was up in a back bun. You tensed up at the familiarity of the hair. "What's with
:iconbutterly-koi:Butterly-Koi 82 7
DonniexReader I hope you will fall for me Chap 6
The masquerade was now a month away. You and April went to the mall to pick out formal outfits and masks to wear. You both went into the shops and browsed the outfits. April with big, sparkly eyes kept pointing out outfits that she thought would look great on you but you weren't as crazy about them. You tried on a few but they weren't speaking to you.
You both also went looking for masks to wear. "I think you'll like this." April said showing said mask to you. "That's perfect!" You smiled taking the mask and handing one too April. "I think this one is best for you." You said. "I love it!" April said happily. "Donnie is wearing his ninja mask right?" You asked. "Yeah, it's perfect for him don't you think?" She replied. You smiled and nodded as you both paid for your masks and continued browsing shops for the perfect outfit.
"We aren't having much luck." You sighed walking beside April through the mall. "If all else fails, we can order the outfits online." April said patting you on the s
:iconbutterly-koi:Butterly-Koi 84 15
DonniexReader I hope you will fall for me Chap 5.2
You were awake on your bed in your room. You couldn't sleep so you decided to go watch some T.V. As you walked out of your room, you glanced at Donnie's door. Donnie has been having trouble sleeping due to feverish dreams. You decided to just take a quick peek. You slowly opened the door a crack and peeked in. Donnie slightly raised his head. "Hey, (Y/N)." He said. "Did I wake you?" You said feeling guilty. "No, I've been awake for some time." He replied. "Do you need anything?" You asked. "Could you get me some more water?" "Sure thing!" You went to the kitchen and got some water. You came back to Donnie's room and walked to his bedside. As he drank, you felt his forehead. You frowned. "You have a fever again. I can make you some more garlic tea." You offered. "No thanks, I don't think I can handle a sip of that." Donnie said. "What about a couple of pills?" You asked. Donnie shook his head no. "Hmm…" You thought. "Let's try another trick I know." You said. "Be right back."
:iconbutterly-koi:Butterly-Koi 88 7
DonniexReader I hope you will fall for me Chap 5.1
A few months went by; battles were fought, lost, won; lessons were learned. The guys and you grew bit by bit. You were still crushing hopelessly on Donnie, as Donnie himself was still trying to figure out his affection towards April. During this time, you had an extra hard time hiding your feelings, a great amount of effort took to hold back from just throwing yourself in Donnie's arms and crying out, "I like you, I really like you, I'm crazy over you, I think I love you!" You would always vent to Master Splinter and he offered the best advice possible, which sometimes worked, other times not so much; you were always in some sort of pain.
Donnie had been working several nights straight without any sleep, and eventually it caught up to him, he caught a virus.
The other turtles cannot get close to him without getting sick themselves, so only you and Master Splinter are able to care for Donnie without worry.
You just returned to the headquarters after shopping for medicine and food ingred
:iconbutterly-koi:Butterly-Koi 79 7
DonniexReader I hope you will fall for me Chap 4.
"Hey there Donnie!" You called cheerfully. "Oh hey, (Y/N)!" He replied. In front of him was a bunch of beakers with colorful liquids inside of each of them. "What are you working on?" You asked. "Medicine, in case something happens to you or my brothers, we have a supply ready." He explained. "Need any help?" You offered. Donnie's eyes lit up a bit. "Actually yes; if you could mix those three together and heat it over a flame that would be perfect." He explained. You nodded and carefully poured the three strange liquids in one beaker and using tongs held it over a small flame until it quickly began to boil. You asked Donnie if it was normal. "Yes, that's fine, it means it's done; just set it aside." He said. You placed the hot beaker on a towel and stared at the medicine that now turned a strange dirty blue color. "What's this medicine for?" You asked. "It's topical, it has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, and it's good for cuts and burns." He explained. "The things you
:iconbutterly-koi:Butterly-Koi 89 11
DonniexReader I hope you will fall for me Chap 3.
You were standing in a bright, white, misty void. You subconsciously began to walk straight, not even thinking about where you are going. As you were walking, your Pj's faded away and was replaced by a gorgeous (Dress, Tux, etc), your hair turned into a beautiful style, and you found nothing odd about it. You continued to walk, as you felt your bare feet become covered with a pair of (heels, flats, etc.). You walked for a few more moments until you saw standing some 20 feet away, Donnie was standing, facing west. He was wearing an amazing tux; that almost made your heart beat out of your chest, he was so handsome. He stood there with a smile on his face, like he was lost in thought. You wanted to walk to him but your legs stood still. You grew confused and tried to call out to Donnie but nothing came out. You tried again to move and call out when you heard footsteps.
You looked to the west side and emerging from the mist was April. She was wearing a one shoulder purple chiffon goddess
:iconbutterly-koi:Butterly-Koi 89 7
DonniexReader I hope you will fall for me Chap 2.
You entered the restaurant to find the guys including Casey and April sitting at the counter. Mikey flashed you a big smile and waved at you. "Glad that you made it dudette!" He said. "Me too." You replied scanning for a seat only to find one right smack next to Donnie. (Not that you are complaining or anything.) You sat next to him. "How was the homework?" Donnie asked. "Pretty simple." You said. Chef Murakami came up to you and handed you your meal of (Favorite food). You thanked him and began to eat.
Although you were hungry on the walk to the restaurant, seeing Donnie and hearing his voice gave you butterflies again, causing you to lose your appetite. You forced your food down your throat to not cause any suspicion, but you'll end up giving the rest to Mikey to finish. You engaged in conversation with the three other turtles as Donnie and Casey were both trying to get April's full attention. You felt amused at the fact April was trying to engage with both of them at the same time,
:iconbutterly-koi:Butterly-Koi 96 12



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